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Hilton Head Island Food & Dining

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Dine in open-air eateries for a laidback afternoon or evening or put on your best dress for a fancy dinner. Whatever your choice, Hilton Head Island is home to an eclectic mix of cuisine that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Check out our guides to the best restaurants and bars in Hilton Head Island.

Where to eat, play, shop, and stay on the island.

Hilton Head is a wonderful vacation spot year-round, and the summer is certainly the most popular time to visit the island. With the wide range of things to do on the island this summer, we...

Sample the exquisite food scene of paradise on earth.

Hilton Head Island has long forged a reputation as a playground for the rich and powerful. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for those of us whose champagne and caviar dreams tend to clash with a...

Wine tastings

It’s been a long-running joke that Hilton Head Island is a drinking town with a golf problem, but lately, all manner of brewers and distillers are ensuring that when islanders do imbibe they get nothing but the best. As the craft movement has swept through...