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Why We Are Different


Personal Attention, Quality, and Service: 3 property managers are assigned to each property.

This unique approach focuses on having an Internal Property Manager and two External Property Managers to provide first-class service for all your needs. Your Internal Manager will be in the office to take care of the owner and guest. Whether an owner would like more information regarding their bookings, rental rates, property listing, or regime; the internal property manager is available to give their expert advice. As for guest relations, the internal property manager works to create a high level of guest satisfaction by being available to answer any questions during the booking process and troubleshoot any issues that arise during a guest's stay. The External Managers are exactly that, hands-on property managers that handle all your service orders, oversee all maintenance activity, complete minor repairs at no additional cost, and inspect the property for the best level of property care. External property managers coordinate with owners and vendors to maintain a rental-ready property. This aspect of our program is so successful because your External Managers are so knowledgeable as they are handling and assessing each situation that is presented for your property.


Maximizing Rental Potential: A comprehensive marketing strategy.  

Marketing a property on The Vacation Company program includes a listing page on The Vacation Company website and on VRBO. These websites generate the majority of rental inquiries and online bookings. For these listings to be successful, they must appeal to guests. Therefore, The Vacation Company program starts with professional interior and exterior photographs that highlight what the property offers rental guests. The pictures alone can sell a renter on booking, but we don’t stop there. Providing a detailed description in each property listing is designed to give guests the information they need to confidently book their vacation rental. To enhance a property listing further, Matterport 3-D tours can be added to help potential guests understand the property’s layout. In addition to marketing on these websites, The Vacation Company utilizes social media, google pay per click, and search engine optimization to increase visibility across the internet. 


State of the Art Tools: Internet-controlled door locks and systems.   

Now installed on most properties, our vacation rental service installed newly engineered Internet-controlled Yale door locks. They give our property managers control over entry, thermostats, lights, motion sensors, and moisture sensors. The lock system is tied to our reservations software which assigns codes and remembers all entries. Sensors can warn the property manager of any unexpected activity inside the home or villa. The system is an excellent theft deterrent when a property is unoccupied. Thermostats can be monitored 24/7 to reduce electric energy costs.