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Lincoln and South Brewing Company

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Founded in 2020, we are a multifarious group of industry professionals that came together with an idea in 2017. In Vermont, authenticity is everything and the state known for being a ski destination soon became known as the Napa Valley of beer. In 2017 in Lincoln, VT, a father and son (Tom & Ryan) had a dream of bringing the style of Vermont’s famed beer to one of their favorite places, Hilton Head Island, SC. Teaming up with John a local professional brewer, and a team of local craft beer enthusiast, we stay engaged in producing the best beer possible. Our team takes great pride in creating a comfortable culture within the brewery for all.

Beer brings us together in times of celebration, comforts us in times of sorrow, aids in the making of memories and friendship, and at times, leads us to question: “what’s next?”. We forged Lincoln & South with these reasons in mind, and for all of the reason yet to come. We are passionate about creating beer that inspires what is possible and we are happy to share it with you. Enjoy.