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Stand Up Paddleboard

By virtue of being an island, Hilton Head is surrounded by water. But apart from and meandering in between the ICW along one edge and the vastness of the Atlantic to the other, the island is a treasure trove of fascinating wetlands, marshes, coves and...

Hilton Head by Bike

Hilton Head Island’s lush natural beauty and blissfully temperate sub-tropical climate demand a slower pace. And its hidden wonders tucked away among tranquil maritime forests and along the banks of peaceful lagoons, demand exploration.

Combine these demands and you have an island seemingly tailor-made for...

St. Patrick's Day Hilton Head

Yes, living in Savannah you no doubt already have your St. Patrick’s Day Parade plans picked out. You know your spot, you know how you’re getting home and you’ve already made sure you don’t have anything planned for the next day.

But what if...


There’s a reason why the roads of Hilton Head Island tend to skew fairly minivan-heavy during the summer months: with its 12 miles of sandy beaches and endless opportunities for recreation, this is paradise for family travel.

Whatever your family is into, you’ll find it....

Enjoying a spectacular view

It seems like we’re heading for a pretty mild winter here in the South. Just the same, we’re already looking forward to spring break.

Yeah, March is a long way off. But it will be here before you know it – and what’s more, it...