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26 Apr 2019

You get what you pay for! 

Many homeowners shop for and make a decision about which property management company to go with based on commission rates. People see a lower rate and go that direction, but like the adage warns in the long run you truly do get what you pay for. And the firms with lower commission rates you often then get them charging you for every last little thing–even down to changing a light bulb! Make sure to look at everything that’s covered in your management service plan so you can truly understand how much it will cost you when it’s all said and done. Lower commission rates don’t always equal lower costs overall, and they often equal poor, un-attentive service.


Keep up with the Jones!


Upgrading is not just important it’s imperative. And out of all the rooms in your home none are more important to update and upgrade than your kitchen and baths. As possible property renters look through images of your home they usually gravitate towards the kitchen and bath pictures first after viewing the exterior images. They will assume if your kitchen and baths are not updated than neither is any other part of your home. Therefore, when considering any updates always lead off with your kitchen, then master bath, and so on from there. If possible have an Interior Designer guide you with your updates. In the kitchen and bar areas always go with stainless steel appliances, and granite or similar level of quality for countertops. Consider plus-ups such as islands with seating for dining, custom cabinetry, gas stoves, and wine refrigerators.


Don’t forget about décor either!Keeping things like bedding, art, tableware and more up-to-date is huge. Old looking, and even out-of-style decor and furnishings can be a deal breaker. Now, you don’t need to go out and buy new things every season year after year, but if things don’t look like and reflect current styles and trends you could be losing valuable rental income!


SUPER INSIDER TIP: A good rule of thumb is to invest approximately 10% of yearly revenue to keep everything up-to-date and maintained at a quality level.


Trust is key.


Having false expectations–especially in the first year on the market. The first year is almost always the toughest. We have an over 3-decade track record of helping homeowners on Hilton Head Island get the most out of their properties. Count on that experience for us to price your home right, which in year one will be lower than you might expect, or want. However, we know this will get guests in the first year. And these same guests will come back not only the next, but year after year, and gladly pay more. Trust us, we always want your home to make money because that’s the only way we make money!


There’s no mistaking who has Hilton Head’s Finest Property Portfolio.

Our primary focus is on creating the highest level of success for our owners. From maximizing rental potential to providing first-class service with a personal flair for you and your property, nobody can get close to our 30 years of experience, or our premier portfolio of over 300 exclusive Hilton Head Island homes.