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Thinking About Hiring A Property Management Company for Your Vacation Rental? Here Are the Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind!

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19 Oct 2020

Your investment property requires a team of professionals that care about your investment as much as you do. Here are the top three considerations when you are looking for a vacation property management company!

1. What is the Vacation Rental Performance?

Peak season, off-season, local events, and other variables impact the likelihood of having a fully booked home, and an experienced and trustworthy vacation property manager will be able to provide information about the vacation rental performance in the area and all the nuances that affect occupancy. They should be able to not only answer all your questions related to rental performance but also to provide guidance on how you can maximize revenue throughout the year, regardless of the season.

2. How will they Market and Promote Your Vacation Property?

Right now, having your vacation home listed on just one website is not enough. When you are considering a vacation property management company, it is important to understand what they will do to make your home more appealing and highly visible to prospective guests. Having a high-ranking website on Google, maintaining a professional and consistent presence on social media channels, utilizing Google and social media advertising campaigns, as well as managing listings on major vacation sites such as Expedia, VRBO, or HomeAway are a must in today’s vacation rental landscape. The property management company must be able to create high-converting vacation listings, produce beautiful and appealing imagery of your property, and highlight your home’s unique attributes to find highly qualified guests. Frankly, in today’s vacation rental market, a cookie-cutter approach will not cut it.

3. How Much Will A Vacation Property Management Company Charge Me?

When you are evaluating a potential Vacation Property Management company, it is important to understand how much they will charge for their services and how their fee structure allows them to prioritize guest experiences, positive reviews, and ongoing maintenance for an immaculate home.  While many property management companies will charge you a hefty fee for their services, some of them may place more importance on either the marketing, the maintenance, or the management of your property. For our homeowners, we understand that an investment property requires a robust and comprehensive approach, and we charge zero marketing fees while ensuring high exposure on over 20 website channels, including VRBO and Expedia.

The bottom line is this: when you are considering a Vacation Property Management company, you need a partner who understands your needs and treats your home as their own investment. This is why our current homeowners trust us with their homes, and why we have been the leading Property Management Company on Hilton Head Island for over 30 years.

From our unique local perspective and hyper-personal team of Vacation Experts to our razors-edge marketing efforts and income-enhancing policies, we create a curated island experience tailored specifically to each owner’s unique home. One that homeowners can trust will not only meet but surpass the guest expectations–as well as their own.

Visit us at and place your home and confidence in Hilton Head’s leading property management team!